The following Stoa speech events will be offered at the Trailhead as well as impromptu.

Apologetics: In Apologetics the competitor is given four (4) minutes to prepare a speech that defends a tenet of the Christian faith. The speaker crafts a speech to reach those curious, not in agreement, or Biblically uninformed with persuasiveness and reasoning. Competitors will be motivated to study, articulate, and defend the core issues of their faith in a knowledgeable, sincere, gentle, and respectful manner. Categories 1, 2, and 5 will be used. Click here for the complete list of questions in each category. Stoa Apologetics Rules 2019-2020 and Apologetics Ballot and Apologetics Room Administration

Expository Speaking: An Expository is a prepared speech written by the competitor which explains and illustrates a topic through both words and visuals (e.g. illustrated boards, physical props, digital and electronic presentations, or any combination). Stoa Expository Rules 2019-2020 and Expository Ballot and Expository Room Administration

Extemporaneous Speaking: In Extemporaneous Speaking the competitor answers a given question based on a recent event in the news. The competitor researches national and international current events and may create reference files of newsworthy information. Competitor develops themselves a well-informed student who can critically evaluate current issues by expressing his position on a given question. Extemporaneous topics will be concerning national, international, and economic topics. Stoa Extemporaneous Rules 2019-2020 and Extemporaneous Ballot and Extemporaneous Speaking Room Administration and Extemporaneous Prep Room Administration

Impromptu: Impromptu Speaking is a limited preparation speech event in which the speaker is assigned a quotation and then has 2 minutes to prepare a 5-minute speech, after which he/she then immediately presents it, with or without an optional index card. Each speech must be a unique, original work in which the speaker must state the quotation word for word early in the speech. The speaker may approach the quotation in any way (s)he chooses but the quotation must be the central theme of the speech and not peripheral to it. Impromptu Rules and Impromptu Ballot and Impromptu Room Administration

Mars Hill: In Mars Hill Impromptu, the competitor uses books, movies, and other genres to discuss the appeal and impact of the theme(s) within the topic, holding them up in light of Christian truth found in the Bible. This event is intended for competitors 14 and older or with the consent of the parents due to mature themes in some topics. Topics for this tournament include Classic Movies, Classic Music Lyrics, The Arts. Click here for the list of what movies,music, and plays, musicals, and art are included. Click here for an overview of Mars Hill.
Stoa Mars Hills Rules 2019-2020 and Mars Hill Ballot and Mars Hill Room Administration

Open Interpretation: In Open Interpretation, selections may be in the whole range from dramatic to humorous genres, including narrative storytelling, single voice monologues, thematic compilations, unpublished or self-written pieces. The goal of this speech is to understand the values & techniques inherent in interpreting stories for the education and enjoyment of the audience through the creative use of voice, movement, and facial expression. Stoa Open Interpretation Rules 2019-2020 and Open Interpretation Ballot and Open Interpretation Room Administration

Original Oratory: An Original Oratory is a prepared speech, written by the competitor, on a topic of the competitor’s choice. The purpose of this informative speech is to explain, describe, or expose the topic. Stoa Original Oratory Rules 2019-2020 and Original Oratory Ballot and Original Oratory Room Administration

Persuasive Speaking: A persuasive speech is a prepared speech, written by the competitor, which advocates a specific position or course of action. The goal of this speech is to develop a polished, winsome speaker who can state a clearly-worded position supported by convincing arguments and well-researched support.Stoa Persuasive Rules 2019-2020 and Persuasive Ballot and Persuasive Room Administration