We not requiring script submissions from competitors. We expect all students to have formatted their scripts and speeches correctly and to have followed Stoa rules. Students must have their scripts and speeches checked by a coach or parent and have appropriate Stoa paperwork attached. Students are required to bring hard copies of all platform and interpretative scripts that they are performing with the appropriate Stoa paperwork attached. These hard copies should be quickly and easily accessible at the tournament in case something is brought into question.

If there is a question raised about the validity or rules of the piece, script examination will be required. And, if a competitor cannot produce the hard copy of the script when questioned or if Stoa paperwork is not attached, then that competitor will place last in that event.

Additionally, be advised that the Stoa national tournament has a script submission requirement.

Rules for the various scripts requirements for each event are given below:

Open Interpretation Script Submission Forms

Platform Speech Script Submission Forms