Information for Community Judges

THANK YOU for your interest in judging at our Speech & Debate Tournament!!! We rely on community support to help our tournament run smoothly!!!

This website will allow you to pick the time that works best for you to judge. Please click on the Judge Registration tab at the top of the page. It will walk you through the short registration process.

If you are judging debate, please arrive 25 minutes prior to your selected debate round to order to receive an orientation. Note: The debate time listed on the schedule includes a 20 minute preparation time for the debaters before the round actually begins. One exception to this is if you are judging the first debate round of the day, then orientation will begin at 7:15 AM.

If you would like to judge speech, please arrive 45 minutes prior to your assigned judging time for orientation.

In both cases for scheduling purposes please allow an hour to complete the ballots. The students value your comments on the ballots and learn from them....what they did well, what needs improvement, what point in debate won you over, etc.

Also if you arrive early, stop by Judge Hospitality where we serve a variety of good things to eat and drink to meet the needs of our judges. These goodies will also be available while you are completing your ballots.

During Judge Orientation, you will be given a good overview of the events and the judging process at the tournament.

You will receive an e-mail giving details about check-in, judge orientation, etc. approximately a week prior to the tournament.

If you would like to learn more about judging and the speech and debate events prior to the tournament, some resources are included below.

Feel free to watch this 20 minute Speech Training Video.

Click on the green link below to view the training slides that we will use for our Speech events. Please feel free to read them and become familiar with them.
Speech Judge Orientation Slides

Here is a little "cheat sheet" summarizing the various speech events.

If you would like more detailed information about the events offered, please look at the Speech Events Page

Since this tournament has such a tight schedule, it is really important to make yourself limit your time to write comments between each speaker.

In Persuasive, Original Oratory, and Open Interpretation, judges should give themselves only 2 minutes to write comments between speakers. After you write down the previous student’s speaking time on their ballot and wish that student well, you can reset the timer to 2 minutes and use the time to jot a few comments on that student’s ballot. The time will fly amazingly fast. When the timer goes off, you can get up and open the door to let the next student in.

You can do the same thing with Expository but during those 2 minutes the student that just finished speaking will be taking down his/her props while the student that is speaking next will be setting their props up. Again, when the 2 minute timer goes off, the student should be ready to present.

For the Limited Prep events – apologetics, Mars Hill, and impromptu – judges should use the student’s prep time to write down their comments for the previous speaker.

In apologetics and Mars Hill, students get 4 minutes to prep and then they speak for 6 minutes. While they are prepping for that 4 minutes (and the timer should be counting down and faced toward the student), the judge can be filling out comments on the previous student’s ballot.

In impromptu, it works the same way but the student has 2 minutes to prep and there is a 5 minute limit to their speaking time.

In extemporaneous, students will enter the room on a set schedule. You do not need to call them in. But please allow them to begin after entering and introducing themselves.

Click on the green link below to view the training slides that we will use for our Debate events. Please feel free to read them and become familiar with them.

Parliamentary Debate Orientation Slides

If you would like more detailed information about the debate events offered, please look at the Debate Page.

YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO JUDGE! The goal of our competitors is to be able to communicate their ideas clearly and respectfully to anyone. If you are good listener who is over 18 and not actively competing in high school speech or debate, WE NEED YOU!